Custom Helmet Covers-Single Set

Custom Helmet Covers-Single Set

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Does you team need new helmet covers? 
Well here you can order your team a custom set! 
This set includes:
1 Jammer Cover
1 Pivot Cover
2 Ref Bands in Main colour (1 for Jam Ref, 1 for Score Keeper)
Fabric Choice is up to you! Not sure what you want? Matte fabrics are more breathable, if you want a bit of sparkle, I recommend doing a matte base fabric with a Sparkle Star & Stripe. 

These are custom made and have a 1-2 week turn around (normally sooner). 
These panties are easy to put on and stay put! I've worked hard to perfect my pattern for the best fit and ease of use! 
The jammer stars are adhered and sewn to make sure they don't go anywhere!
Want to add a single colour decal/logo in vinyl to your jammer star? Choose that option and send me the graphic line art that you wish to use. 

Looking for different fabrics? Message me and we can discuss it!

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